Shears mechanism selection

Shearing machine is made up of institutions, movement of body parts become shear movement. Shears inter-agency selection, this is based on the machine to complete the task, select the most suitable institution.
by shearing machine features selected from the
function of the machine, mainly through the follower's movement and movement rules to achieve, so choose the follower must be required to achieve based on the movement of the machine. For example, requiring continuous rotation, selection handle follower asks for a range of swing, selected as a follower of the rocker; requirements for reciprocating, selected slider as a follower asks for plane motion of a yin, selected link as a follower.
according to the characteristics of the shear power source selected original
the original was driven directly to the external power components, they should be according to the characteristics of the power source. For example: the Rotary motor-driven, optional rotating pairs of components (crank) for original pieces moving hydraulic cylinder drive, selected composition by the Deputy member (slider) for the original pieces and so on.
by shearing machine of the basic characteristics of selected
requirements meet the characteristics of the machine are varied, and selection can only be basic. For example: request for transmission performance good, pressure angle of selected institutions require air travel time savings, increased productivity, and selected travel velocity-ratio coefficient of large institutions require a location lock, select a dead bodies and so on. BACK PAGE