Shearing machine with hydraulic oil viscosity analysis

Shearing machine used in the hydraulic transmission hydraulic oil as a medium. Only in case of good hydraulic oil lubrication to ensure normal operation of the shears, and guarantee the service life of shearing machine.
shear flow, the cohesion between its molecules to prevent relative motion between the molecular friction within the show, this feature is called the viscosity of the liquid. Important physical properties of viscous liquid.
of shearing machine hydraulic oil viscosity viscosity used to say. Viscosity of three commonly used, namely, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and relative viscosity. Dynamic viscosity refers to the flow of liquid between the frictional force per unit area; and dynamic viscosity kinematic viscosity is the ratio of the density of the liquid; relative viscosity is the use of a specific viscosity meter viscosity used is Engler viscosity with Engler viscometer for measuring viscosity. BACK PAGE