Shearing machine summary of brittle fracture resistance of steel

Shearing machine learned everything from steel to make steel, on top of brittle fracture should pay attention to a variety of materials used and the degree of importance. Shearing machine again characteristic of steel must be emphasized.
1, brittle fracture resistance performance of steel structure and the environment temperature, structure, thickness of steel, $ stress characteristics, products performance, loading rate, and importance (disruptive consequences) and many other factors. Lower the working temperature, steel thickness, the greater the nominal tensile stress, stress concentration and the higher the welding residual stress (particularly if there is more tension stress exists), steel toughness more, faster loading rate structure is more susceptible to brittle fracture. Importance of structure against brittle fracture property of greater demand and higher.
2, in the appropriate test temperatures of steel toughness index, are still regarded as main indicators of brittle fracture resistance of steel.
3, the demand for high-strength low-alloy structural steel than carbon steel, as with a maximum thickness of smaller, lower impact test temperature and high steel strength, more strict requirements.
steel thickness and structure of the quantitative relationships between the brittle fracture resistance, both at home and abroad have studied under the different working conditions in the specifications, provided maximum thickness for different grades of steel. But due to our domestic construction steel in different working conditions also lack a deep study on brittle fracture under, so this amendment fashion not specifically provide for maximum used thickness of steel in China, can only refer to foreign information, some provisions are made in the structure in order to improve the ability to resist brittle fracture. Under the continuous development of science and technology research and development,
, Shearer believes the future will have more detail on the characteristics of the steel parameters obtained, there will be better. Now, the form, the shears when using certain security as the first elements of the claim. BACK PAGE