Shearing machine summary nine principles of waste reduction

Shearing machine manufacturers in the course of business waste is difficult to perceive, it is like an invisible black hole can swallow whole company at any time. Shearing machine operators with very limited funds if you do not pay attention to this point will cause the operation to fail. Shearing machine operators, to develop good habits and good system to reduce costs:
① job standardization. Clear calls and regular phone calls and the time allowed to each speaker and strict control of office supplies application; clearly stipulates that every place where goods and so on, make the best use of everything and save time as possible. These trivial things, such as not governed, disappeared without buckets of money.
II to develop the habit of turning off the lights, Sekimizu, save 20% electricity charges.
during the under the premise of not affecting the quality, try to reduce the number of processing, can save a lot of processing fees and tariffs.
④ minimize errors, reduce invalid work and waste scrap rate.
II who wears several hats employees to save costs.
⑥ regular assessments, assessment staff efficiency. People tend to have inertia, often needs reminding, urge will progress. Only by continuous assessment and examination staff efficiency, can stimulate the potential to improve efficiency. Productivity increase and costs reduced.
sadly, cut or change the ability of employees. Launched staff improve job
h, innovative product rationalization, and rewards for excellence programme.
Krispy Kreme for the cost of mailing, to ponder, what and which is not necessary, which shall express mail, snail mail.
shearing machine in operation, according to these nine principles for requiring employees, constantly correcting bad habits to ensure "everyone in charge, everything someone" in order to maximize plate shearing machine efficiency. BACK PAGE