Shearing machine seals how to install

For ease of installation without sealing ring cutting shears, install Shearer when the sealing ring. Should the parts to be installed. End of the piston rod and cylinder, processing 15--300 chamfering, length of the chamfer should be sufficient. Rub clean sealing ring must not be shearing machine seals when installing into iron filings, dust, cotton yarn and other debris.
0-ring is squeezed into the gap as soon as possible, when the shear stress at the >1OMYa. Can in cut Board machine, machine 0 shaped sealed circle of bearing pressure surface set block circle, block circle of material for PTFE, and nylon 6,, its hardness above 0 shaped sealed circle, for y shaped and v shaped sealed circle only single bias up sealed role, if necessary two-way sealed, is necessary set two a sealed circle, two sealed circle back placed, lip side on with high pressure side.
shears y-ring without support rings, everyday environment. But greater stress innovation in media, relative sliding velocity, high places, to make use of support rings to a solid seal.
to the shearing cylinder pressure at the same time add to the sealing ring on the inner and outer lips. Shall be opened several small holes in support ring. When the v-ring from the axial loading when Lingo (450 to settle, but more of the lingo of the v-ring should be staggered so as not to affect the sealing result.

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