Shearing machine problems solutions

Shearing machine in use problems often encountered in the course of use were headache, waiting for manufacturers to fix the impact efficiency, and wouldn't, shearing machine manufacturers now will give you solutions to some common problems for your needs!
can not open the machine, motor issues failed to correct operation of the machine or that the motor shake, did not respond, or problems such as power on and then suddenly stopped, usually faced a similar situation two and judgement, the motor replacement, or use a professional test tool, then check whether the transmission parts stuck in the machinery running.
2, control system
machinery to function properly, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed, often offset. On this we can habitual of view run parts whether has loose situation, sometimes will appeared around turned key issued exception sound, or cannot by normal of way return for, that is has may is parts loose either damaged, in halved process in the if often appeared cut Board machine equipment failed to effective of cut broken, this need understand about cut Board machine set of trip limited bit switch easy eccentric, equipment whether normal run.   
3, hydraulic swing beam shearing machine not going back up, what will happen?
three-step check check if oil level is too low, too low to come on. Check whether control solenoid valve has sent without sending to the control loop is wrong to exclude. If you send it on solenoid valve check that the solenoid valve is defective. Faulty repair or replace solenoid valve.
4, shearing machine how does not trip
If circuit breaker does not disconnect, load isolation switch, arc short circuit breaker protection within the circuit breaker tripped, CNC bending machine the fault, narrowing the scope of the accident. Line blackout operation disconnect circuit breaker device Hou, to first opened load side isolation cut Board machine switch and not bus side isolation switch, its blackout Shi may will has two species errors operation circuit breaker in the plate feeding machine is has disconnect, but pulled isolation switch Shi wrong jaw type broken machine go interval, pulled not should blackout line of isolation switch; cut Board machine of added gas buy a irrigation light steam, put light cylinder above of into steam mouth with light steam irrigation connection up machine bed home distribution of pipe, open their of valve, remember see cut Board machine light steam of pressure table, Pressure of the manufacturer instructions shall prevail, explosion-proof pressure reciprocating type coal feeder is attained, the valve is closed BACK PAGE