Phenomenon of cavitation in hydraulic system of shearing machine

Shears the liquid flow, when a point when the pressure is below the saturated vapor pressure of a liquid, liquid vaporized to form bubbles, while gas dissolved in the liquid would be separated bubbles, the bubbles mix of oil and air pockets, so that the fluid was not continuous, this is cavitation.
when shearing machine hydraulic system of cavitation happens when, as the fluid movement of gas bubbles in the liquid to the high pressure area, bubble quickly burst under high pressure, so as to cause some hydraulic shocks and high temperatures, caused by vibration and noise. The other hand, because the bubbles break the continuity of flow, reducing the oil pipeline capacity, causing fluctuations in flow rate and pressure, the hydraulic components withstand shock loads affect its service life. Bubbles burst at the same time, the oxygen corrosion of metal components in the bubble surface, we call it, caused by cavitation corrosion is called cavitation.
shearing machine hydraulic power units, cavitation can occur during hydraulic pumps, pipes and other throttling device, in particular hydraulic pump intake, this phenomenon is most common. Cavitation is one of the reasons for failure of hydraulic systems, particularly at high speed and high pressure hydraulic equipment should pay attention to.
in order to reduce the occurrence of cavitation, the following points should be noted:
1, hydraulic pump suction height too high suction pipe diameter too small (because the pipe diameter too small will flow too fast and very low pressure drop).
2, hydraulic pump speed will not be too high.
3, piping should be tightly sealed, oil-return pipe exports should be transferred to the following.
in short, hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic system flow rate should be avoided in dramatic change and air mixed with the outside world. Otherwise the whole hydraulic system will be a very big impact, hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic system is very hurt. BACK PAGE