Hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic impact the causes, harm and prevent measures

1, what is shearing machine hydraulic impact
in the hydraulic system of shearing machine, for some reason, causing hydraulic oil pressure transient sharp rise, forming a very large pressure peaks, this phenomenon is known as hydraulic shock.
2, hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic impact in
of the reasons causing hydraulic shearing machine hydraulic shock hydraulic speed is the major cause of rapid change, fast-moving parts of inertial force not insensitive and certain hydraulic components.
cut Board machine run in the, dang pipeline within of oil liquid to a a speed movement Shi, if in a moment quickly truncated oil liquid flow of channel (as close valve), oil liquid of velocity will from a a numerical in a moment suddenly fell to zero, at oil liquid flow of kinetic energy will into for oil liquid of pressure can, to makes pressure sharply increased, caused hydraulic impact. High speed motion of the inertia of the part of work force can also cause hydraulic shock.
when shearing machine hydraulic cylinder components when you want to reverse, hydraulic cylinder valve quickly closes the drain line, then no longer drain the oil, but Pistons due to inertial effects are still in motion, resulting in a rapid pressure rise in pressure shocks.
some hydraulic components in the hydraulic system is not sensitive, for example, difficult to open oil, can also cause pressure increases rapidly formed impact.
3, and hydraulic cut Board machine in the hydraulic impact of against and the avoid measures
hydraulic cut Board machine hydraulic system in the produced hydraulic impact Shi, system in the of pressure moments to than normal pressure big several times, especially in pressure high, and flow big of situation Xia, very easy caused system of vibration, and noise even led to some hydraulic components of damaged, both effect system of work quality and will shortened its using life. Due to the pressure of high stress may also cause some hydraulic components, such as relays, sequence valves malfunction, affecting the normal operation of the system.
to avoid hydraulic impact is the main way to avoid rapid changes in flow velocity, delayed speed changes can prevent hydraulic shocks. For example, use the accumulator in the hydraulic system; closing valve speed too fast; hydraulic directional valve and solenoid valve can reduce hydraulic shocks, hydraulic directional valve slowly reversing time control. BACK PAGE