Development trend of cutting machine CNC system

Shearing machine is a CNC system in the future to determine direction, is also a problem worthy of manufacturers of CNC system seriously, only to seize market opportunities and figure out shearing machine number air system principle, can we remain invincible. Development trend of cutting machine CNC system is as follows:
1, the small, simple, cheap way
single-chip technology development, promote plate shearing machine control system is to develop compact, reduced in size, price, reliability will be improved. This small plate shearing machine control system can be used to replace relay control system, applied to a small production line control, and control.
2, to the large, high-speed, multi-function development
large cutting machines like CNC-multi-microprocessor system, have large storage capacities and robust input/output interfaces. Through a wealth of intelligent peripheral interface, flow, temperature, pressure, position, and closed-loop control over the network interface, you can connect different types of cutting machines and computer numerical control system, which control a large range of local area networks, Automation control system for large.
3, programming languages to develop
shearing machine NC system ladder diagram programming language in the original language, order, function blocks language and instruction list language based on, continuously enrich and develop to a higher level. Many companies have launched a high-level language programming, to accommodate a wider range of needs. Programming tools are compact, universal and multifunctions. BACK PAGE